I have not met mothers who do not want to reunite with their children, taken from them, years ago. Their stories are not in The Mothers Project.

I learned about them -- the lost mothers -- from their children ... the adopted babies who grew up, looked for their mothers, found them ... and were sent away. Several, literally, had the door slammed in their faces.

My poem, "Lost", is about those few mothers who do not want to reunite with their children and about their children who cope with that rejection in the only way they know.

I believe we -- mothers and adoptees -- owe each other reunion. We owe that to each other! It is wrong to withold reunion, under all circumstances. At the very least, we deserve to know who each other is and where we are. It's ok to choose no further contact, but it is not ok to refuse to meet at least once. We owe that to each other. We, surely, do.


Some mothers are lost
To drugs, alcohol, prostitution, ignorance, selfishness, greed

Others are lost to nothing sordid
They just move through superficial lives
In denial of their motherhood

These lost mothers
Turn away their now-grown sons and daughters
Will not meet them, will not touch them
Say they did not/do not love them

These adopted ones
Had filled themselves with so much hope --
How do they survive?

Most have borne their loss
With more dignity than despair
Still, they hold a sadness in their eyes
And they do not understand --
Will never understand --
Such cruelty

A few turn mean
They push kindness, love away
Because HER door slammed in their faces
Long ago, or yesterday

And some ... so devastated
They shallow-breathe each moment
Of their Mom-forsaken lives