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Motherhood Deleted — <>

It is Always in the Undercurrents <>

Musings of the Lame <>

Musing Mother <>

Family Preservation <>

Adoption: Legalized Lies Adoption Resources <>

Lina Eve - Artist <>

Keeping Babies With Mommy <>

Lizard Chronicles: Happy Adoptees <>

Jane Jeong Trenka <>

Coleman Moms and Babes <>

It Came from the Cabbage Patch <>

Adoption Sucks <>

Moms Living Clean <>

Younevergetoverit <>

BastardGrannyAnnie <>

Relinquishing, Reuinion and moving on – Phillipa Hornsby blog <>

Pip’s other blog <>

Cee Cee’s main page: <>

Cee Cee’s twins registry <>

Cee Cee’s Birth Family Registry <>

Reunite Cards <>

Important disclaimer: I support all these good people, their works and registries, but I do not support or recommend pro-adoption books/articles/websites that are included on their or others’ web sites and resources lists.

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